Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility


DWARF is Self-Funding

The Rescue facility doesn't charge for taking in animals. The cost of food, equipment, fuel and vets bills are very hard to keep up with, and as we are entirely self funded, we rely heavily on public donations, and are sincerely grateful for every penny received.

Our thanks go to all who have made such donations and we thank you in anticipation for your donation (no matter how small it may be).

How to Donate

If you would like to make a donation to help The Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility with its work, please download and complete the form (PDF file opens in a new browser window).

Join Our Syndicate

As you will appreciate raising funds to support our facility is an ongoing task, sometimes easy, sometimes hard and the last thing we wish to do is become a nuisance in asking for further financial help. However, what about joining our Euro Millions Lottery Syndicate? This way, you can still donate to DWARF and share in any winnings. Hence, we both (potentially) benefit!

You can see how we are doing here.

Joining Instructions (PDF)
Play Sheet (PDF)

(All PDF files open in a new browser window)